WooCommerce and Gutenberg Blocks – How the eCommerce Platform is Adjusting to New WordPress Standards?

Last Updated on October 26, 2022 by Marc Breuer

WooCommerce is a very conservative plugin.

If you roll back to an older version (5-6 years ago) you won’t notice lots of changes to the main features.

Given the fact how WordPress has massively changed in the last couple of years (WordPress 5.0 and newer versions), it is reasonable to think that WooCommerce will follow.

WooCommerce and the Blocks Editor

WooCommerce Blocks for WordPress
Image source: WordPress.org

First, the Gutenberg update caught WooCommerce unprepared (I think).

It was a couple of months without any big additions to the functionality.

We’ve seen this before with other popular page builders like WPBakery and Elementor.

It just takes time for WooCommerce to make things.

Let’s take a look at what WooCommerce has released for the Block Editor

The plugin (pictured above) – WooCommerce Blocks can provide your store with easy-to-use blocks, that you can add to your post and pages.

So far the plugin offers 24 blocks, including filters, reviews, cart and many product display options.

In October 2022 WooCommerce introduced the Cross-Sells Products block!

Cross-sells and up-sells were always something that we wished were functioning better in WooCommerce.

This might improve the overall rating of the plugin which now is not very highly rated by users.

Automattic (the plugin developers) tend to keep its add-ons made in-house, but let’s see if we can find any good WooCommerce block plugins outside.

ProductX – Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

You can view all blocks’ demos here. The plugin has also a premium version with even more options.

Watch a quick video preview:

Man, I wish I had a store to test these new plugins. 🙁

Honorable Mentions – Generic Block Plugins

There are popular block plugins that have included some WooCommerce functionality.

1. Essential Blocks for Gutenberg

With a Woo Product Grid

2. Otter – Page Builder Blocks & Extensions for Gutenberg


  • WooCommerce Products in Cart
  • WooCommerce Total Spent
  • WooCommerce Cart Total

3. Gutentor – Gutenberg Blocks

With WooCommerce Products, Price, Cart and Rating

Landing Pages for WordPress

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