Why I Choose MyThemeShop for my SEO Niche Blogs?

Last Updated on October 26, 2022 by Marc Breuer

MyThemeShop themes are simple, fast loading, and bug-free.

This alone makes them a great fit for any blog, but let’s go into the reasons why you should consider them for your next SEO project.

At first look, they look quite the same at their core. Most often only the homepage and the header section differ from one theme to another.

Update: Recently MyThemeShop discontinued most of its themes!

How fast are the MTS Themes?

They are lightweight, fast, SEO friendly (built-in schema markup) and most of all – focused on your content.

They don’t come with many shortcodes or their own blocks which is why they often show speed results like this.

You can go the extra mile and apply some of the advanced tips described in this post, to get even better speed results.

Don’t Stick with one theme forever

Many times when a website owner builds a website he stays with the same look for years.

The custom CSS and code added makes it hard to switch to a new theme, because all the changes will be lost.

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MyThemeShop uses the same “backbone” which is a plus and here’s why.

  • You can switch themes with the newest once often, to keep your look fresh.
  • They are cheap, you can often purchase them for $19-$35
  • Because they use the same core, switching is effortless.


MyThemeShop Compatibility

The newest MyThemeShop themes are compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg. This means you can build custom page layouts for your needs.

They also come bundled with all the Google Fonts plus custom typography options. 

Some themes have ad management options and ad blocker detection.

Watch your SEO Traffic Grow

I think these themes are so well built, that your content alone is enough to start earning you hits from Google.

You can see results soon, only with on-page SEO, no link building, or any other advanced techniques.

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