How to convert Sketch files to PSD/JPG (Quick and for Free)

What is a Sketch file (.sketch)? Sketch is a photo editing app for Mac. If you never heard of it you are probably a Windows user. I’m too. Recently I stumble across a .sketch file and I was like WTF is this? I tried to open it, but my attempts had no success. It turned out Photoshop doesn’t like Sketch and vice versa. So how to view these things if you don’t own a Mac? The fastest and easiest way I found is to go to (Photopea is an…

Whi I Choose MyThemeShop for my SEO Niche Blogs?

MyThemeShop themes are simple, fast loading and bug-free. This alone makes them a great fit for any blog, but let’s go into the reasons why you should consider them for your next SEO project. At first look, they look quite the same at its core. Most often only the homepage and the header section differs from one theme to another. How fast are the MTS Themes? They are lightweight, fast, SEO friendly (built-in schema markup) and most of all – focused on your content. They don’t come with many shortcodes…