HEADPHONESADDICT.COM gives extensive reviews on all sorts of headphones. The site is simple and focuses on informative content and long articles.

  • Content type: Product Reviews
  • Income source: Amazon Associates
  • Main Traffic Source: Organic (Search Engines)

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Est. Monthly Income

~ $80K

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First things First

If you are new to WordPress, hosting, buying domains and running your own websites, read this guide first.

If you already have a hosting plan and have set the domain name and installed the WordPress for your new site, then go to the next step.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on quality content and long detailed articles
  • Get a lightweight theme, preferably а premium one
  • Have an interest and passion in the niche you are aiming for

Choosing a suitable Theme

headphonesaddict.com is using a very simple and clean magazine theme. Here you can’t go wrong with almost any theme on the market.

However, for better SEO and better ranking in the future, we suggest choosing a lightweight theme without unnecessary plugins (sliders, page builders, etc).

We went with GreatMag , a free WP theme with decent design options and great style. The theme uses the SiteOrigin Page Builder and also comes with a few custom widgets, which gives you some freedom compared to most of the free themes.

Things to do after you install and activate the theme:

Install a Simple Custom CSS or any other plugin to add your custom CSS. We’ll need that to skim some of the unnecessary elements that GreatMag comes with.

Theme Design and Customization

The first thing we’ll get rid of is the top bar of GreatMag

There is no option in the customize menu so we’ll need to hide it with simple CSS code added to our Custom CSS.

To do so paste the following in your Custom CSS (Appearance>Custom CSS):

.top-header {
display: none;


Now let’s move to the styling of the homepage. Headphonesaddict uses a Grid of posts on the top of the homepage and a list with excerpts below the grid.

As we mentioned before the theme uses Page Builder by SiteOrigin, and now we’ll build our homepage with its help.

1. Create a new page called “Home” (Note: after creating the page you’ll have to set it as a homepage)

2. Add a new row  with the following parameters:

Set row layout:  2 columns with a ratio of Thirds (0.333) > Click Done3.

3.  In the left column add the widget: GreatMag Featured Posts, and select five of your best posts (if you have any)

4. In the smaller column (25%) add the “GreatMag: Sidebar” widget (this is in order to display the most popular posts)

For this step, you will need to install “WordPress Popular Posts” or any other plugin giving the option to display a list of the most popular posts in a widget.

Theme Customization

Now head to Appearance > Customize and chose the following:

  • Header Area > General > Branding Style: Centered
  • Blog options > Blog layout: Classic / Excerpt Lenght: 50 / (Hide meta info if you prefer)
  • Fonts > Font Selection > Body font: Lora Regular / Headings font: Yantramanav ( these are the actual fonts headphonesaddict is using or chose any others of your choice)
  • Static Front Page: Chose the Page you already created in the previous step ( Home)

Save & Publish and we are almost ready with the homepage!

Here’s how our copy of headphonesaddict looks so far:

Single Post Page

This is the most important part of the website because from these pages all your earning are supposed to come.

Let’s see what headphonesaddict.com uses for its reviews. We can clearly separate two types of posts:

  • Comparison (With detailed table on top)
  • Single Item Reviews (longs 2000+ words posts)

Create a similar post layout

We’ll start with the comparison posts, being more complicated than the Single Item Review once.

This is how an example of such posts looks like on headphonesaddict.com (click to enlarge):

This screenshot also shows all plugins we’ll need to create a similar post type:

  • Responsive Comparison table plugin
  • Table of Contents plugin
  • Note / Colored box plugin

Headphonesaddict is using custom made plugins, we can’t do that for now, so let’s look for what is available out there.

The WordPress market is lacking good comparison table plugins, both free or premium. They are either: not responsive, too ugly design wise or just not functional.

Note: The table headphonesaddict is using is also not a five star one, but at least it looks good.

Now let’s find suitable alternatives to those plugins.

Responsive Comparison table plugin

The best option for this sort of table would be Tablepress.

This is the most popular free table plugin for WordPress. It’s not perfectly responsive, but it has an addon for responsiveness which should do the work.

Download and install both plugins.

Add this lines of CSS in your Custom CSS:

.tablepress thead th, .tablepress tbody td { text-align: center; } td.column-1, td.column-2, td.column-3, td.column-4, td.column-5 { vertical-align: middle !important; }

This will centre the elements nicely in the cells (much needed for tables with images).

IF you want to change the header color of the table add this line of CSS:

.tablepress thead th, .tablepress tfoot th { background-color: #000 }

By default, all tables have the same blue colour.

You can download “check” and “cross” icons from flaticon.com for free, and use them in your tables. The more visual the better.

We’ll go a little further and will add buttons for the call-to-action in the last column, instead of plain text links.

You can put shortcodes directly to the cells of your TablePress table. For this example, we use a button shortcode generated by Olevmedia Shortcodes. 

The responsive TablePress addon changes the shortcode, so your final shortcode should look something like this:

[table id=1 responsive=scroll responsive_breakpoint=tablet/]

Table of Contents Plugin

For the table of contents, you can use  Table of Contents Plus.

The plugin is free and has all the features you will need. You can uncheck all the auto insert options in the settings page and place it manually where you want it to be in your posts, using the shortcode – [[toc]]

And check the toggle options

Note Box

The note box is a piece of content separated in a box with a colourful background. This makes the text in it to stand out and you can use it to emphasize the important stuff.

Such boxes are included in many shortcode plugins. Some of the most popular and widely used are:

Bottom Line

If you follow all the steps above, you can get yourself a visually similar website to headphonesaddict.com. As you see the website is simple and relays on quality content – mainly detailed product reviews.

In this tutorial we use:

Total Invested: $0 (excluding hosting fees)

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